Full cycle

When developing projects, we pay special attention to the prototyping technique - prototyping of features, code, levels, etc. Also an important stage of development is the creation and adjustment of all processes, thanks to this we know how technically and in the optimal timing / quality will be realized all the components of the game.


One of the services of our company is the porting of games, namely the transfer of a computer game from the original target platform to another platform, which can be performed from different versions of the engine, for example, from UE3 to UE4.


The prototype is a fast, rough implementation of the system to check its performance. This is a small part of the future game, which demonstrates core gameplay, graphic, level design, etc.

VR/AR development

VR (virtual reality) - created by technical means an artificial model of the world, with which the user interacts using a head-mounted display and an input device. VR technology allows not only to create a completely new reality, but also to interact with it, creating the effect of full presence.