Swords & Some Magic

Description: Swords & Some Magic - this is a game in fantasy Universe, which combines elements of traditional adventure games and modern runners on mobile devices.

A player tries to get to the top a Dark Tower, which is divided into floors with levels where the most incredible events occur, such as traps and giant bosses.

Magic sword give you exciting gameplay with the unique game elements such as the QTE (quick time events), where the camera rotates around a character, and you watch how your enemies are been crushed. Experience the power of Unreal Engine with great graphics of Swords & Some Magic!

BWF role: Full-cycle development

Genre: Runner

Engine: Unreal Engine

Platform: iOS

Key features:

- A unique hybrid of platformer and ranner;
- Hi-end graphics;
- QTE (quick time events) - incredibly beautiful effects;
- Giant bosses!;
- 36 levels in 6 locations and 3 hours of uninterrupted gameplay!;
- Fantastic landscapes.