Description: The first cooperation project between our company and 1C was puzzle platformer Renoir for PC. 1C bought the project from Czech company Souldbound Games after it failed to meet the necessary amount on Kickstarter. BWF was chosen as the developer to continue the project.

James Renoir was a police officer, serving in the main precinct in a metropolis rotten with crime and violence. The influence of the mafia families had even spread through the corridors of city hall like poisonous weeds, all the way to the highest levels of political power. The police, paralyzed by the city’s corrupt government, were powerless to do anything about it – mere toys in the hands of the true power.

BWF role: Full-cycle development

Genre: 3D Adventure, Platformer

Engine: Unreal Engine

Platform: PC-Steam

Main challenges faced:

1. Combining 2D and 3D elements in a side scrolling test;
2. Complex mechanics of playback time recording for several characters to solve puzzles;
3. An animation mixer for main character, to get realistic movement in 2D space;
4. 9 months of development.