Kog Karts

“Kog Karts” is a Steampunk-themed, arcade, battle racing game with exciting, action, characters, and campaign.
The game features 8 tracks to compete with rival racers across different game modes - racing through the City Slums to the Industrial Mines; the Countryside to the central streets of the Capital.
In "Kog Karts” you’ll master an array of bizarre, steampunk vehicles each with more than twenty different performance upgrades and a super-weapon to boost your chances to win! 
But watch out for raceway obstacles as each track pits drivers against different hazards like Gears of Death, Electric Saws, and dozens more!
Gather a team of extraordinary characters in the world of "Kog Karts" and prove your worth in the pursuit of Kog Kart, Steampunk glory.


* 8 Steampunk-Themed Environments
* Fun Unique Characters and Exclusive Vehicles in each Steampunk Locale
* More than 20 Performance Upgrades for each Vehicle
* Blast Rival Racers off the Track with your Mounted Machine Gun and Unique Super-Weapon
* 4 Game Modes