In Fear I trust

Description: "In Fear I Trust" was the first project between us and Epic Games, Inc., also we had assistance from Chillingo.

The actions take place in 1979. The protagonist named Nicholas once wakes up with partial amnesia. For the sake of money, Nikolai agreed to participate in a dangerous experiment. Thus, he received retro vision - the ability to catch other people's memories associated with a particular place. "In Fear I Trust" almost entirely consists of exploring gloomy corridors, and "In Fear I Trust" will often help you in finding items and solving puzzles. You, along with Nikolai, have to find a way out of the strange, frightening buildings and collect in a single picture scraps of events that shed light on the past of the protagonist before the mysterious experiment.

BWF role: Full-cycle development

Genre: 3D Adventure, Horror

Engine: Unreal Engine

Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Key features:

Throughout 2013, during the joint work, we substantially improved the game.

The development process was with new discoveries. We opened new capabilities of the Unreal Engine. Our guys have developed a new technology for working with light and creating artificial dynamic light at levels.

In 2015, we ported this game to the Android platform, now it can also be downloaded on PlayMarket.

In 2016, the game was adapted for PC and ported to the Steam platform. We have prepared for you 4 Episodes of the game.