Great War Mechs

Great War Mechs is a game where gigantic robots battle each other on a huge scale in real time. It combines teamwork, unforgettable graphics and a wide variety of locations.

Delve into a world of metal machines and spectacular battles. Launch an attack alongside your comrades-in-arms, lead your team to victory and be a true hero!

Each robot has a variety of weaponry that allows you to choose the style of game you prefer, and the stylized battle arenas depicting the world's greatest cities are perfect for fighting. Battle in Paris, Moscow, New York, Berlin, London or Shanghai.


  • Different types of fighting robots;
  • 15 kinds of weaponry;
  • Dynamic 5v5 PvP battles;
  • Original customization for robots;
  • Intuitive control;
  • Daily quests;
  • Stylized battle arenas in the world's greatest cities;
  • Unreal Engine 4 technology.