Great War Mechs

Description: Great War Mechs - massive battles of giant combat robots in real time, combining a variety of locations, team interaction and unforgettable graphics.

Alternative universe, where giant combat robots appeared on the battlefields in the first half of the XX century. Arenas for fighting are located in real cities: you can make battles against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower or even on Red Square!

BWF role: Full-cycle development

Genre: Shooter

Engine: Unreal Engine

Platform: iOS

Main challenges faced:

1. Transfering from UE3 to UE4 during the game development process;
2. Synchronous multiplayer for mobile devices;
3. Creating an UE4 bundle with a custom backend solution, supporting such features as: adaptive match maker, distributed system of game servers and content downloads, cloud saves;
4. Plug-ins writing to connect third-party SDKs: advertising platforms, analytics system, etc.