Black Wing Foundation (BWF) Company - an independent video game developer, registered in Estonia, with offices in European Union, United States and Ukraine. The company was founded July 17, 2007. In the early stages BWF performed in several projects of different companies and worked as an outsource company, which are often not allowed to spread a lot of info in public. However, since the beginning of 2012 it was decided that our company gained enough strength to develop some of our own projects. Ever since BWF fully focused on the mobile market and the digital distribution market opening its fans the game development veil of secret.

Considering an essential background of work with Unreal Engine, we signed a long-term exclusive agreement with Epic Games, and all current games are developed with this game engine. The good proof of it is the cooperation with our friends, the production center Turn Me Up Games from Los Angeles, USA. We also collaborate closely with the legendary game developers and publishers, which is holding a leading position in the market - Wargaming, Chillingo, Creative Mobile, 505 Games, Target Planning.

Each project goes through several development cycles, starting with the prototype, which gives an opportunity to test a large number of decisions before we start a full-scale linear production. BWF can even boast the availability of a large Motion Capture studio.

There are several various projects were raised from our prototypes, such as: Chaos Domain, Speed Kills, Monster 500, Swords and Some Magic, Great War Mechs and others. The most famous BWF game – is a mobile horror "In Fear I Trust", which was developed with the support of Chillingo.

The successful experience of BWF Company in 2015 is porting of the game "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons" on mobile devices in collaboration with 505 Games.
Big production is expensive, but we are confident that in the future we will be able to promote own products, because BWF has extensive experience in users acquisition. And most importantly, we are one hundred percent sure that we would get the audience interested in our games, because on their creation work professionals - keen, friendly team of Game Designers, 2D and 3D artists, Animators and Programmers. Perfectionism, commitment and the quality orientation are the three pillars that BWF firmly stands on. As a part of BWF team you become the real hero of the gaming industry.