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We are an independent video game developer company, founded on July 17, 2007. Our office is located in the Dnipro, Ukraine. The company specializes in developing of full-cycle games with the main focus on mobile platforms and digital distribution networks.


BWF has many years of experience in developing computer and mobile games with Unreal Engine, being a licensee of Epic Games. Our employees, having a high expertise in the Unreal Engine, often speak at gaming conferences, reading reports on technical capabilities of the technology. We also pass on the experience gained in working with the Unreal Engine to other developers conducting workshops, master classes, arranging game jams and other activities with the official support groups of Epic Games.


A special attention in our company is paid to the social life of the collective. Together we celebrate birthdays of employees, conduct joint activities, picnics, music jams and joint trips to the cinema. So we do not forget about sports - we have our own football team, which regularly conducts training and participate in a football tournament.


It is logical that people who are satisfied with the atmosphere at work will work much more productively and with greater pleasure, therefore we pay special attention to the working space of our employees. All offices are equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure.

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